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Gigantic Dinosaur Balls!

YouTube user Maxim Bady certainly has a way with words. On his channel he find special interest videos and adds his distinctive style of commentary on what’s happening in the video.

In an especially excitable episode, Bady waxes lyrical about a man so badass that if he were on the “Snakes on a Plane” movie, it would finish in five seconds. This is a man so epic that he is in possession of gigantic dinosaur balls. What on earth is Bady on about? Have a look at the video below. Beware, there is some colourful language abound.

[thanks Claire!]

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The Amazing Serpentine Photos of Guido Mocafico

I got this from Lucy Furr’s twitter (she is known as FurryLuce if you’d like to follow her) and it was too beautiful not to post here. When Lucy and I went to Thailand in 2006, we visited a snake park and it was such a depressing situation seeing these beautiful creatures cooped up in dirty glass boxes; some of the poisonous snakes had bleeding gums, presumably from the frequently milking they were subjected to.

It’s just something painful I remembered when I saw the amazing shots from Italian photographer Guido Mocafico. In his two-part Serpens series, Mocafico photographs snakes in a color-neutral, enclosed space to bring out their hypnotic beauty. The patterns and colours that result are amazing to say the least. You’ll find some of the photos after the jump.