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We Review: Pokkén Tournament

When I was a kid playing Pokémon, I’d imagine the battles quite vividly in my head. They actually looked closer to what I saw in the anime series than the mostly-static images on the Gameboy at the time. As I got older, I started wondering if the game was ever going to look like what an actual Pokémon battle would look like. Even though we had Pokémon Battle Arena and Pokémon Stadium/Colosseum, they were still turn-based affairs that mimicked the main series battles, impressive as they looked at the time. Introducing Pokkén Tournament, a game that combines the one-on-one battles of Tekken with the world of Pokémon. We’re not here to catch them all, but we are here to beat every other trainer’s Pokémon into submission. Go, Review! I choose you!