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Concept Steam Iron: Now With LED Lights!

I love ironing! There I said it. Nothing pleases me more than to put on a freshly ironed shirt in the morning. I do all my own ironing, and it’s usually a steamingly good job if I do say so myself.

And this steam iron concept by Tatasuya Kobayashi has got me hot under the collar (Geez, I’ve got to iron out these bad puns). It features a cool LED system that lights up according to the iron’s temperature. It also comes with a soft silicone lining to prevent accidental burns, which is a common injury plaguing the amateur ironing league at the moment.

It’s not revolutionary design (read: it won’t iron the clothes for you) but it’s certainly nice to look at – I’d go for as as to say it’s the Bar Refaeli of steam iron concepts.

Found at Yanko Design.