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As Seen on TV: 20 Great Opening Title Sequences

With the mass popularity of television programming, shows have ditched those cheesy irritating video montages (where’s that fast-forward button?) in favour of more polished, visually appealing opening sequences. Smashing Magazine has broken down their list of top 20 brilliant TV show title sequences.

Here are my top five opening sequences.


Join Dexter Morgan as he goes about his seemingly ordinary morning routine. The opening sequence belies the cunning and killer instincts this man possesses.


There’s quite nothing like a day in the Roman Republic where betrayal, death, and copious amounts of sex were all commonplace. The series focuses on the lives of both rich and poor.

The Sopranos

Smoking a fat cigar, Tony Soprano emerging from the Lincoln Tunnel and entering the New Jersey Turnpike on his way home. Life in “waste management” is seemingly cushy.


This opening sequences uses tarot cards to show the battle between good and evil set in the Great Depression between 1934 and 1935.

The IT Crowd

A funny 8-bit style animation about the antics of misfits Moss, Roy, and Jen in the basement IT deparment of Reynholm Industries.

Check out the full list and let us know your favourites.

2 replies on “As Seen on TV: 20 Great Opening Title Sequences”

dexter’s intro is fantastic. i wouldn’t be surprised if it was done by the same guys that did six feet under.