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inFAMOUS News Roundup

It’s no far stretch of the imagination when I tell you the last time I felt this excited about a console game was when I purchased Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV back in 2008. Those same giddy feelings are back as I anxiously await the release of the Playstation 3 exclusive, inFAMOUS.

Developed by Sucker Punch Productions, inFAMOUS tells the story of bike messenger Cole who survives a massive explosion in Empire City and develops electricity-based powers. Amidst infected residents, violent gangs, and a city that is decaying under his feet, Cole must get to grips with his new powers and the responsibility that comes with it. He is judged by the deeds that he does, be it good or evil – a Karma system keeps track of this, and in turn influences the growth of Cole’s powers and how the city’s residents react towards him. He can be famous, infamous, or maybe a little of both ;-)

If you’ve not been keeping up with news, then I’ve done a link roundup to keep you updated.

  • inFAMOUS gets relatively favourable reviews – 87% based on 19 reviews. Read them via Metacritic
  • Part 1 of the inFAMOUS comic series tells the story of the events that happen prior to the game. See it a Joystiq (7 pages).
  • See various gameplay videos at GameTrailers.
  • Download inFAMOUS wallpapers for your desktop.
  • Pre-order your copy of inFAMOUS from two of the better local online retailers or Take 2.
  • Thinking of importing? Try newcomers Gamesbasement or CDWOW.
  • Nate Fox and David Meyer from Sucker Punch hosted a live chat yesterday. View the Q&A session at the Playstation Blog.
  • There are 50 inFAMOUS trophies that can be unlocked. See them at Console Monster.

inFAMOUS is slated for release in South Africa on Friday, May 29th. Fingers crossed it gets released that day. I have already purchased tranquilizers and alcohol in case of bad news.

10 replies on “inFAMOUS News Roundup”

I was more keen on prototype but your excitement for this is slowly but surely rubbing off.

Hey man, you mentioned inFamous is getting a collectible figurine… is that true? Or are you confusing this with Prototype?:)

@Psy: Thanks man, I fixed the post. The figurine is with Prototype as you said.

@Dazzy: I’m going to get prototype as well, I’m relatively sure I’ll like them both. I do think that I’ll probably favour inFAMOUS with the good/evil decision as opposed to the complete brutality that is Prototype. When more info is available on Prototype I’ll do the same roundup for it.

Wow… just spent a good few hours watching online game reviews, and trailers.

I am loving it!

Yup. Whether you choose inFAMOUS or Prototype I think you’re set for some good gaming sessions.

It’s been a bit of a gaming drought recently so this is a much needed boost. AND I actually have money to buy shit. :-D

My last PS3 game i purchased was monopoly…
you need 4 controls for your friends to play, but for some mindless, and random bordom quenching, it wasn’t that bad… graphics where not so good, but it is a board game on a PS3, and NO ONE CAN CHEAT! (ganging up on the Bots is my fav)

Lol @ cheating. I get accused of that all the time even when I’m not the bank.

You should hook up Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box – there’s an option to “Start a Party” where up to 8 people (I think) can play on the same console – they pass the controller around for each challenge.

I’ll get this eventually. same for prototype, but Im not THAT hyped about it sadly.
Suppose its that the character looks like Justin Timberlake mixed with the dude from Star Wars Force Unleashed?
Also that it has the same powers basically as SWFU…..

Prototype looks cool, but Meh, also not crazy over it yet…
Still got too many games to get through, will get them secondhand.

Fair enough. What game(s) are you looking forward to purchasing on release day?

I had high hopes for FUEL, but Eurogamer dashed that with their on-the-fence score of 5/10. Will wait til more reviews come out to make a more informed decision.

Oh sweet baby Jesus! Take2 released the special edition (and normal edition) today!

I’m not feeling well, I should probably take a sick day tomorrow neh? :-P