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A Touching Piece About A Man & His Dying Dog

Jason Wood is an ex-con and through all the good and the bad, his best friend has been by his side. Last minutes with ODEN is a touching story about Jason’s final farewell to that best friend – a three-legged dog named Oden.

Oden’s journey is about to come to an end, and this emotionally-charged six minute documentary directed by Eliot Rausch, follows Jason’s last minutes with Oden before the dog is euthanised. It’s teary stuff man.

Jason, I may not know you, but I know what you must have felt, as would a lot of pet owners out there. I went through the very same heart-breaking, tear-filled moments when we had to put down FurryLuce’s most beloved cat, Dorian Gray.

He suffered from Acute Renal Failure, and we tried all manner of meds to prolong his life, but it was a vain attempt at avoiding the inevitable. I’m sure Dorian knew he was going to die and instead of making a fuss, he found a quiet place in the house to sleep, waiting for the darkness. I think we tend to suffer more when our pets are sick…

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10 replies on “A Touching Piece About A Man & His Dying Dog”

Indeed, it takes but a few seconds. It was the same case with Dorian. I’ve heard people here call it blue muti, but the liquid was actually green.

that’s kinda why i won’t watch it.

i’ve had a few pets (read: friends) put down for various reasons, but the resulting feelings are all the same.

I hear you easy. I spotted this documentary last year and have been putting it off for some time now because of the same feelings you speak of.

I regret that our kitty Dorian didn’t live longer than his adventurous nine years. When he was young, he got knocked down by a car outside our house, but he survived, and grew up into the most wonderful, affectionate cat. I miss him dearly.

Dude!… i almost choked on the lump in my throat… We got 2 dogs, i tell you, nothing beats the joy they give us everyday i get home from work, they allways so happy to see us…dont even wanna think of the heart ache we gonna go through when their time comes…