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Lights: An Escape-The-Room Game

Unless I’m on holiday, I have no love for Mondays. If you share the same sentiments, then you’ll relish the opportunity to do something stimulating. If that is your job, then good for you, but if not, then you might like this.

You made your way through ПРОНАЂИТЕ НАЧИН ДА ИЗАЂЕТЕ ИЗ СОБЕ and now it’s time to repeat the feat in another escape-the-room type scenario. Lights is one of the five visually pleasing ESCAPER games created by the sadistic developers at Neutral. The title itself implies sunlight or light in general may be key to your freedom.

Play Lights at and let us know how you got on.

[via bontegames]

11 replies on “Lights: An Escape-The-Room Game”

Fark, I mistakenly killed the page and now it’s taking an age to re-load. I hadn’t made much progress either, will have to revisit from home.

The one battery is in the light. the other is in the white box, formally the pot plant,
to get the box, use the screw driver to undo the screw.
to get the light combo, unscrew the screw on the desk, move the desk, then look at the symbols on the cat flap.
those symbols will give you positions on the tic tac toe on the roof, replace O with on, and X with off, and that is the code for the light.

hope that makes sense… lol.

ok… so now i manage to get out a door… but then i go outside, and still not finnd!!! DAMIT! will see how much longer it takes… looks like there is a giant blade, kind of like a windmill or something.

YAY! Done….
all it needed was a little more of my time. and then i went down the elevator, and out the main doors…