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Who Let The Dogs Out?

Aside from our screen printing escapade and attempt at baking, I know we haven’t posted any personal stuff on the blog but it’s a lazy Sunday evening and I’m sitting here in my favourite holey underpants so it’s a good a time as any.

We try to take our puppies, Mina (Big Min is her gangsta name) and Panya (Lil’ Pun) for walks as regularly as possible, but we’ve been a little bad this week. They like walking on the mountain and scampering around in Tokai forest, but they absolutely love the beach – there’s so much seaweed and crab shells to eat and throw up later, charming I know.

Earlier this morning we bundled the puppies into the car and headed off to Sunset Beach for a little walk. Two hours later, after chasing balls, meeting everyone on the beach (Panya is such an attention-seeker), and with bellies full of sand, the tired mutts were home. We took some happy snaps of the walkabout and thought we’d share them with you. Find them after the jump. Panya is the grey one.

Update (May 15th): We took these shots earlier today. It was a great walk and Mina showed off more of her levitation skills. Only after we got back to the car did we realize the soles of our feet were stained with oil. Turpentine cleaned that mess up.

If you’d like to leave any messages for the puppies, drop us a comment and I’ll make sure they get them. I’m fluent in dog.

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I’ve added two more shots. #10 pretty sums up Panya – mad as a bag of snakes, no I meant frogs, or snake-frogs – I forget. :silly:

@SlickTiger: thanks for visiting. Love your blog.

Fritz looks like quite a character, I love his little grin.

We didn’t know much about them either (by we I mean me, Lucy Furr probably did some research) but Panya does everything all little puppies do. Her new thing is digging up snails and quietly nomming on them. She has vomited on my pillow before…whilst I was sleeping!

Where are you getting your Whippet from?

This guy we met who walks his Whippets on the field in our neighborhood. His have had a litter of puppies and there was one female (white with two identical brown circles over both eyes, like a worm). We are very fortunate, as Fritz is a male and we needed a female dog that would fit into our home – I have done a lot of research on Whippets and they seem perfect for our size house, altho I have not had much “hands on” experience with them. Really looking fwd to getting her – I’m so used to a rat-sized dog that a larger size is going to be quite different! Anything you may want to share with me about yours would be appreciated, altho I’m not expecting much (medical/social) trouble from her. I hope Fritz won’t be too jealous of the new arrival.. :)

Panya doesn’t have any special dietary requirements, in fact it’s our older fox terrier who is a fussy eater. Mina was pretty jealous in the beginning and fought a tad rough with Panya. They still get into a lot of tussles but Panya’s bigger now, and can run faster ;-)

I don’t think whippets need to be frequently exercised as one would think. I’m sure they’d love it, but Panya is pretty laid back and will park off on the couch, she doesn’t get cabin fever if we don’t take her for walks.

She does chase the cats even though she has felt the pain of cat claws slashing at her snout. I guess she’s persistent like that.

A few other notes from Lucy Furr:
* Whippets cannot tolerate the cold, and love nothing more than snuggling up in your bed – definitely house dogs.
* They can be shy (Panya was at first) of other dogs, especially big ones, but it get’s better as they grow up.
* Generally very friendly to all people, but very bitey when teething, and especially love a good chew on your arm, ear, any other part they can reach.
* They are clever and learn well, but you need to be very gentle with them as it’s easy to hurt their feelings.
* They do well even in a small yard – especially if they are free to dash around in it all day long.

Ah this is all very good news! Thanks for the feedback. A couple things you mentioned here is def the reason why we wanted a Whippet.. she’ll outrun Frtiz (the monster), likes to be indoors, (altho we do have a yard), we take them for walks EVERY DAY, and it’s usually big fields with lots of dogs or beaches. Cecelia Forest and De Waal park being Frtizs’ favorite. I also like the fact that they are obedient, as Dachshunds are considered one of the most intelligent breeds (it’s true), so they tend to make up their own rules a lot. We’re hoping the Whippet will listen better and then Fritz will chase after her… she’ll be our little “assistant”. The big question for us tho is whether to have Fritz neutered or the Whippet spayed when it gets to that time. I think female dogs (da bitches – still can never get used to calling them that) have less of a behavioral change when spayed, as apposed to male dogs (who become fatter/more docile). I’ll have to find out from our vet…

On the subject of neutering, we plan to neuter both our girls. Here are some links that may help you decide which to neuter (or whether you’re going to neuter both):

And I think talking to your vet is a very good idea too – often they are better at explaining things than the internet.

Hope that helps, and congrats on deciding on a whippet – they are so awesome :-)

Yea, they’re great. I’m spending more time away from the computer thanks to them.

Panya has taken to stealing things off bedside tables – just the other day, she nicked a card of Mypaid pills and was nomming on the plastic before she got busted. Today she almost reset the DSTV decoder to its factory default, lol.