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Adorable “Great Showdowns” by Scott Campbell

Whether it be Julius Malema versus common sense or the South African cricket team fighting a losing battle or even the ageless pirates versus ninjas argument (incidentally see here for a collection of ninjas), there have always been epic rivalries. “The struggle is forever. It makes the world turn around.” says awesome illustrator Scott Campbell, whose Tumblr blog is a chronicle of the great confrontations in film history. Have a look at some of his adorable “great showdowns” after the jump.

See more at GREAT SHOWDOWNS. Campbell’s Flickr profile is worth a visit as well – you might enjoy his LOST showdowns 1, 2 – beware there may be spoilers.

[via Lost At E Minor]

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I put that one in especially for you. Readers, that is in no way an indication of how Lucy Furr leaves the toilet when she is done with her business ;-)