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Use The Force, Chipmunk

Canadian illustrator Chris McVeigh spent four years trying to capture the chipmunks in his parents’ backyard in the perfect position. Using almonds to attract the wild, inquisitive creatures, he sometimes who waits for up to eight hours per day to photograph them interacting with the Star Wars scenes that he has set up in the garden. McVeigh mentions that some of the more social chipmunks would come to the yard when he whistled for them. It’s altogether quite cute. Have a look at his set of Crossover images after the jump.

Space cowboy

Specimen found

Let’s be friends

Worst. Copilot. Ever.

Use the force, Billy

Fix my hyperdrive!

Step away from the nuts!

Judge me by my size, do you?

See more of McVeigh’s Star Wars and LEGO scenes on his Toys set and more photos of his chipmunks friends on his Critters set.

[via The Telegraph]

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