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Play This: Doodle God

They won’t teach you this in bible school, but at the dawn of time there was the Doodle God. This god was kind and had a penchant for casual games.

The premise of Doodle God is pretty simple. You start off with four basic elements – earth, water, fire, and air – and by mixing these elements together you begin to create the stuff in our world. From the initial pool of four elements, it is possible to end up with a whopping 115 elements!

Gotta create ’em all! Play Doodle God and let us know how creative you got.


3 replies on “Play This: Doodle God”

it is kewl, just gets boring after a while, and ends up with random clicking on items.

I’m finding that as well. The visuals and music are great though, I especially love the choir singing “Hallelujah!” whenever I create a new item.