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Evan Kafka’s Super Cute Animal Portraits

Visitors to the blog may be acquainted with our puppies Mina and Panya. They’re very sweet dogs (although Mina dislikes cyclists and joggers) and the all photos I have taken of them are spur of the moment. They’re nigh uncontrollable and I’m as as likely of getting our pets to pose for photos as I am of getting them to recite the alphabet, backwards.

I’d like to be able to shoots animals as New York City photographer Evan Kafka does. His pet portraits are so emotive and so ridiculously cute. Have a look at some of his work after the jump.

See more of Kafka’s pet photos on his website.


6 replies on “Evan Kafka’s Super Cute Animal Portraits”

Ted’s so cute, he don’t need a pimp.

Yes we must! He’s finally realized that other dogs are fun to play with. I don’t blame him for taking so long, the first two dogs he encountered both attacked him!

Oh no! Ted is just too beautiful! Not as beautiful as my Pun (who is the Beauty Dog of This Universe and The Next) but as beautiful as someone else’s pup can be. I’m sure Mina and Panya (the Beastie Girls) would love to meet Ted the Terror :devil:

They’re both awesome-looking pets!

Panya barks at and causes with the biggest dog she can find. Then she plays submissive, and when they come in to investigate, she make a bolt. Apparently this is a fun thing to do. Mina is a less trusting of people and dogs but she’s getting better.

I’m sure my ladies will keep Ted entertained. Unless the weather is tragic, I walk the puppies on the mountain every week day after work, around 6pm. It’s usually from the spot on the top of Chelmsford Road or from Deer Park. LucyFurr joins me when she’s not at yoga.

Drop me a mail when you’re free and we can make a plan.