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How to Turn a Lighter Into a Tiny Motorcycle

We’re embracing the lighter side of life here at Onelargeprawn. Our mate Abe from The Given Collective posted this on a local gaming forum I peruse every day. It is so singularly awesome and I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t post it here. If you are like me and have recently stopped smoking (I’m four months clean), you no doubt have countless cheap lighters lying around the house. You’ll need two of them and some nimble fingers if you want to create a tiny motorcycle that can shoots sparks out as it moves!

The instructions are in Chinese and if you speak the language, have a gander here. However, if you can’t tell your pictographs from your ideographs then YouTuber Tysteriskians has posted a step-by-step video of the creation process in English. Check it out below.

[via PS3ZA]

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