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Shinichi Maruyama’s Amazing Water Sculptures

Born in Nagano Japan but working in New York City, photographer Shinchi Maruyama makes art with materials of a transient nature. Using a combination of high-speed strobe light photography and water, Maruyama creates beautiful sculptures that are here one moment and gone the next. The following video shows this spontaneous process.

Maruyama is also famous for his “Kusho”, another series of liquids in motion. For this, he flung a type of calligraphy ink into the air and photographed the abtract forms created. This video is also lacking a soundtrack so feel free to imagine “Intro” by The XX is playing in the background.

And have a look at some of his images after the jump.

More of Maruyama’s artworks can be found on his website.

[via Redux | Designboom ]

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