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Shaun of the Dead Island

Zombies are everywhere. When they’re not roaming the countrysides of 19th-century England, they all up in your favourite movies and video games. Their latest assault comes in the form of the game, Dead Island, which has wowed netizens with its most incredibly cinematic trailer (more on that later). That trailer has come to the attention of  musician Dan Bull who gives us a double tap of zombie goodness by mashing the sounds and mechanics of Dead Island with the visuals of classic zombie comedy, Shaun of the Dead. Check out Shaun of the Dead Island below.

If you’ve missed out on the Dead Island news thus far our writer NiteFenix has written a little preview. See that after the jump.

What is Dead Island? It’s an immersive story about a family who holidays on a tropical island, which then for some mysterious reason becomes zombie infested. It is my understanding that after these events, you need to fight your way through the zombie hordes and find a way off the island.

If you’re a fan of such games as Left4Dead, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, and even the Resident Evil series, then this game will be right up your alley. According to sources at Techland, the game will have RPG elements to it, so expect to traverse a sandbox-like open world with a character that evolves as the game progresses. The best way to truly appreciate this game is to watch the trailer.

According to The Guardian Newspaper, some people are outraged because of the severe nature of the girl’s death. Some people saying that this video could be the most controversial trailer ever made. What are your thoughts on it?

If you’re not a fan of ass-backward trailers, a re-cut version of the now famous video has surfaced and it shows the story in chronological order. Check it out below.

And if you’re an afficionado of textured cubes, you might want to check out the trailer, redone in the Minecraft engine.

Publisher Deep Silver announced on February 18 that it will be releasing Dead Island worldwide to the masses on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC later this year.

6 replies on “Shaun of the Dead Island”

Shaun of the Dead is definitely one of my all time favorite Zombie movies. Alongside Land of the Dead and Evil Dead. Well done on this find prawn.

Agreed. Who can forget that classic line, “You’ve got red on you.”

Given its incredible trailer, do you think Dead Island will live up to the hype?

I dunno, I think I’ll only be able to say for sure once I’ve seen gameplay footage and I know what direction they want to take with the story. Dunno if you agree with that.

It’s a tough ask I think. Everyone has become used to zombies so the gameplay has to have something completely different to hook the player in. I bought Dead Rising 2 the other day and got bored within an hour.