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2011 Formula One Posters

What I know about Formula One comes directly from Wikipedia. It’s not like I dislike the sport, but I use it more as tool to further a different agenda. My significant other, Lucy Furr, finds the roaring sounds of Formula One to be soothing and it is not long before she is asleep on the couch. This accords me precious free time to play my console games. Win!

Irish graphic designer, PJ Tierney, is clearly much more interested in Formula One. And to this effect, he has created a great set of posters for the 2011 Formula One season, featuring all of the 19 circuits that defending World Champion Sebastian Wobbler and other manly gentlemen will be racing on. Tierney incorporates various racing motifs and colours and elements from the flags of the different host countries. Have a look at his Formula One 2011 Poster Series after the jump.

[via My Modern Met]