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A LEGO Diorama From a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Staying with the LEGO theme, here is another supreme effort from brick and Star Wars fanatic, Jay Hoff. Using over 30,000 LEGO pieces and 388 minifigs, Hoff has recreated the Emperor’s arrival scene in Episode VI, complete with shiny floor, hanger bay walls, and even a star field in the background. It’s a tour de force. See the diorama after the jump.

See a few more images from the project at MOCpages.

[via Death Star PR]

2 replies on “A LEGO Diorama From a Galaxy Far, Far Away”

I’m sure the setup was pretty costly. Stormtrooper minifigs aren’t cheap, R80 a pop at Amazon, so I can understand why he used some Clonetroopers instead.

Oh, check this out. Mark Bolase reportedly spent four years and USD 3,000 to create his 60,000-piece Hoth base diorama –