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“Livin’ it Up” Challenge: The Great Flood

Aaah, the trials of a home owner. If it isn’t a burst geyser, it’s the neighbourhood dogs that take poops outside your door. And if there is ever a moment to put a damper on one’s day, it’s a flood. Not a flood of biblical proportions mind you, only one that selectively washed away our house, garden, car, and pair of prized attack geese that we lovingly called Fish and Chips. I talk, of course, of our virtual possessions in the Livin’ it Up game.

The other day a calamitous flood claimed our possessions and we had to make a claim. The many years of TV mind control had impressed upon us the important of insurance and covering our assets adequately (I wear underwear almost everyday). With the settlement money in hand, rebuilding our life was a few clicks away (if only it was like that in real life). So yes, we’re back and we even had enough in the pot to buy two more attack geese, Salt and Peppa.

We’d obviously love to add more stuff to the property but wouldn’t you know it we’re running low on funds (again). If you have helped us out in the past two weeks, please accept our humble thanks, but if you’ve stumbled onto this post now, we sure could do with your assistance to top-up our bank balance. It won’t cost you more than a few minutes of your time – simply leave a comment below or pop a mail to (no chancers please) and we’ll send you an invite to the Livin’ it Up game.

When you successfully register for the game, we will earn a handy $1,000 in virtual money to spend. After you’ve registered, you can play the game as well. At the end of each month for the next couple of months, the top scorer walks away with a different prize, be it a Wii, an LED TV, or a PS3. And towards the end of the year, one thoroughly dedicated winner will drive away in new BMW 320i.

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