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Cartooned: Minimalist Cartoon Portraits by Ty Lettau

Ty Lettau, a designer from San Francisco, USA, has a penchant for minimalism and pop culture. His love for both genres is clearly seen in his cartooned Flickr set, where he draws popular characters from comics, TV, film, and games in a cartoon style. Currently, he has drawn a whopping 1,279 characters! Have a look at some of his cute minimalist cartoon portraits after the jump.

B.A. Baracus

Iron Man


Cookie Monster

Steve Zissou


Shao Kahn

Davy Jones


“The Macho Man” Randy Savage

Have a look at many, many more of his cartooned portraits on Flickr.

Lettau has also created a huge set of characters as if they were 8-bit creations in the Super Mario Bros. world. Check out his set of 696 pop culture characters in his Super Bros set.

[via Holy Kaw!]

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