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Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope in 60 Seconds

If time is money, then I’d wager this might be the best minute you’ll spend today.

The folks over at 1A4STUDIO have created an awesome, abridged version of the first film in the epic space opera that is Star Wars. It’s minimalist right down to the dialogue, colour palette, and running time of just 60 seconds. Check out the speedrun of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

[via Live for Film]

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Hypnotic Line Art Faces

In his series entitled Faces, designer Patrick Seymour from Montreal Canada uses bold lines and symmetry to create some striking line art illustrations. Have a look at the Seymour’s hypnotic series of faces after the jump.

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Pop Culture Math Equations

Scottish illustrator Matt Cowan explains the origin of some of your favourite characters be they from TV, film, or comic books. Cowan illustrates them in a minimalist way and uses simple arithmetic operations, such as subtracting an eye to create a series of blind super heroes, or adding a cricket bat and a shadowy pharmaceutical company to his Zombie Maths series.

Cowan’s pop culture math equations add up to awesome. See them after the jump.

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Pixel Video Game Characters

It’s not the first time illustrator Michael B. Myers Jr. (DRAWSGOOD) has worked with pixels portraits. He has already created a series of pixel renderings of popular Star Wars characters and various comic book super heroes. In his latest set of posters, Myers Jr. has drawn five pixel video game characters created for a gamer community, High Score Society.

Despite their simple blocks and colours, these badass video game characters are instantly recognizable. Have a look at them after the jump.

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Cartooned: Minimalist Cartoon Portraits by Ty Lettau

Ty Lettau, a designer from San Francisco, USA, has a penchant for minimalism and pop culture. His love for both genres is clearly seen in his cartooned Flickr set, where he draws popular characters from comics, TV, film, and games in a cartoon style. Currently, he has drawn a whopping 1,279 characters! Have a look at some of his cute minimalist cartoon portraits after the jump.