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Why This Kolaveri Di: The Tanglish “Soup” Song

Translated from Tamil, “Why this kolaveri di” means “Why this murderous rage, girl?” The song is taken from the sountrack to an upcoming Tamil film and is performed by playback singer Dhanush. What is more interesting than the quirky title is the tongue that Dhanush sings the song in — Tanglish, a mixture of English and Tamil. Why This Kolaveri Di is also called the Soup song, where soup is Tamil slang for young men who fail at romantic relationships.

The music video has been viewed over 38,000,000 times on YouTube! For more about the song and its history, Wikipedia has all the details.

[thanks Salma!]

4 replies on “Why This Kolaveri Di: The Tanglish “Soup” Song”

I’ve bought the album on itunes – the bhangra version is pretty awesome too, the house version rocks, while the dubstep version is awful!

And the “original” version is now my iphone ringtone (and alarm sound) :)

I see that the female version has over 6 million views now.

Is this the bhangra version you listened to? If so, I dig it too.

I haven’t heard the dubstep or the house version but I did see this poor Chinese fellow attempt to sing the song.

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