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The Winner of our Mass Effect Competition is….

What a competition! I’ve not quite seen such a scramble for a prize since…well…since ever. We had millions and squillions and willions of entrants. Maybe even jillions! We had more entrants than there are people on the planet, which leads us to suspect that even alien races were entering. Alas, there can be only one dream! One soul! One prize! One goal! One golden glance of…no, wait. That’s Queen.

So, who is going to soon discover that no matter what scars they bear, whatever uniform they wear, they could fight like a Krogan, run like a leopard, they’ll never be better than Commander Shepard? Find out after the jump.

We took all the names, removed the names of those belonging to alien races (postage to other planets is murderous on the budget), and narrowed down a list of human entrants. Today’s lucky winner—as chosen by—is (insert your own drumroll here, or use this link):

I'm Commander Shepard and I approve of this winner.

Congratulations! We will be in contact soon to get your details!

Thank you everyone for entering (better luck next time!), and many thanks once again to the wonderful folk at EA South Africa for sponsoring this awesome prize!

5 replies on “The Winner of our Mass Effect Competition is….”

Congratulations indeed! And thank goodness, I don’t need to eat any underwear.

If Carlos lives in Cape Town, I may have to organize a discreet meet behind my local petrol station ;)

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