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A cute animated short about two octopi deep in love; they get separated and it’s a desperate chase to keep their love alive.

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The Ominous Death of Mr. Peanut

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Arty Mindlessness

Carbon Copies – Pencils Made From the Dead

I’ve been thinking. Shocking I know but it tends to happen at times. When I die, is there some useful purpose my remains could service, aside from providing a gravestone for dogs to piss on?

Enter English product designer Nadine Jarvis and her novel idea for disposing of my dead body – making pencils out of my ashes. Using the cremated remains, or Cremains, it estimated that one adult dead body can produce 240 pencils. Now that’s value for ashes.

Javis says:

Each pencil is foil stamped with the name of the person. Only one pencil can be removed at a time, it is then sharpened back into the box causing the sharpenings to occupy the space of the used pencils. Over time the pencil box fills with sharpenings – a new ash, transforming it into an urn. The window acts as a timeline, showing you the amount of pencils left as time goes by.

There you have it. Get turned into pencils and donate them to your local library or pre-school ;)

Read more about corpse pencils at Jarvis’ web site.

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Al Dente

Al Dente is an animated short movie produced by Supinfocom, France and is about a little peasant girl who discovers the magic and the dangers of an ogre’s kitchen.

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The Strange Animal Paintings of Laurie Hogin





According to Hogin, “The allegorical canvases of faulty fauna, mutant fruit and brand-loyal monkeys suggest the lavishness and opulent detail of the17th through 19 th century European traditions to which they refer, but these painterly flourishes and delicate details belie subversive cultural critique.”

See more of her work at LittleJohn Contemporary Gallery.