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Gravity, With a Twist

Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity took many a breath away. Those who saw the film may be interested to know that the director has a darker alternative ending in mind, one that would have crushed the spirits of our good Dr. Ryan Stone.

An alternate opening sequence has recently come to light and Gravity would have turned out differently had it not been rejected by the studio. It’s super-cool. Check it out below.

[via @RiaanWest]

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Hilarious Alternate Movie Endings

I’m sure there have been a few times where you’ve come back from watching a movie, scratching your head and wondering why (or how) it ended the way it did. No Country for Old Men pops into my mind – for such a suspenseful film, I was hoping for more of an ending than the anti-climatic rambling I witnessed. I’m told the movie ends as Cormac McCarthy’s novel tells it and while one shouldn’t mess with the works of Pulitzer Prize winning authors, sometimes I wish movies had more satisfactory endings.

That’s the idea behind who have been re-imagining alternate endings for popular movies since 2005. The results are quite humorous and one of my favourites is for The Lord of The Rings, where the solution to the problem is so elegant and simple. Check it out below.

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