Did you Mean Battlesheep?

Do you remember a funny old ad for Berlitz where a hapless German coast guard station received a mayday message from a sinking boat? If not, I sink you will like it – refresh your memory here. I was reminded of that when I saw a set of recent ads for Google.

I’m quite used to seeing Google’s online ads (unless you’re a happy subscriber to Adblock Plus) but not any ads for the company itself, much less in print. An agency in Istanbul Turkey created a set of mildy amusing print ads that play on Google’s “Did you mean” search feature.

The funniest of these ads features a shaggy sheep plodding through a warzone, with the tagline “Did you mean? battleship”. Maybe this is some sort of Turkish-only thing because when I searched for battlesheep Google didn’t bother to suggest an alternative spelling, instead it returned 90,000+ results. Clearly the Internet finds the idea of weaponizing sheep to be so very awesome.

Have a look at the sheep in question and two more of the Turkish print ads.