Arty Awesomeness

If Superheroes Were Sponsored by Brands

Brands are forever trying to insinuate themselves into our lives. GoPro cameras are attached to practically every limb of extreme sportspeople these days. Felix Baumgartner would not have reached the stratospheric heights that he did in Redbull Stratos without the financial backing of the Austrian energy drinks company. Internet search giant Google want you to wear their geeky glasses.

Italian graphic designer Roberto Vergati Santos wondered what it’d be like if our favourite superheroes were sponsored by popular brands. Some of his associations are skin-deep: Hulk’s green complexion is a good fit for Monster Energy drink and Wolverine’s Adamantium claws matches the brand with the three stripes. Iron Man is seen with the golden arches emblazoned on his chest, but with his problems with alcohol addiction, perhaps sponsorship from a single malt whisky brand might be a tad more appropriate.

Have a look at Santos’ Sponsored Heroes after the jump.

Arty Video Clips

Explore Your Dual World

As part of their latest advertising campaign for the dual SIM card smartphone, Galaxy Y Duos, Samsung Portugal uses projection mapping to create a wonderful multimedia presentation. As the human model covered in reflective paint sits on a chair and serves as the canvas, the digital projector transforms him into a myriad of people and things. Have a look at Explore Your Dual World below.

[via Fast Co. Design]

Cautionary Tales Video Clips

We Feed the Network

By using its services, we accept the fact that entities such as Google is collecting data about us and our online habits. Information is power after all, and in his short film We Feed the Network graphic designer Michael Rigley explores how the metadata contained in a multimedia (MMS) message is harvested, stored, and sold on to the highest bidder.

According to Rigley details such as the user’s phone number, location, receiver, and the amount of data sent are included in the 736 pieces of personal data that is collected each and every day by service providers. See more details in We Feed the Network below.

[via Venture Beat]

Animal Kingdom Awesomeness Video Clips

The Bark Side

When I got married many years ago, I had a grand idea for my bride’s entrance. I imagined a pack of dogs — some small, others big — all dressed up in bowties, and in unison barking out the tune to the “Here comes the bride” march. My wife thought it sweet, albeit a bit silly. It never happened, but that didn’t mean that it was a bad idea.

Roll on 2012, and Volkswagen have created a super cute commercial with 12 dogs barking out the famed Star Wars Imperial March theme. An AT-AT walker appears in the video too, in an costume that looks similar to the one worn by our favourite AT-AT dog, Bones Mello. Check out The Bark Side below.

[via @jessjorgensen]

Cautionary Tales Weirdness

McDonald’s Double Fail Feast

Today is a good day for food fail, and it seems we’ve found a special at McDonald’s in Cape Town. Some people are cackling about it while others are feeling sick to their stomachs.

Popular South African blogger, Christopher Graham Mills of isn’t normally a patron of McDonald’s but yesterday evening, events forced him to purchase a burger at the branch in Kenilworth. To his surprise, he found what looks like a garden-variety snail tucked away in his burger box. We can imagine he exclaimed “Nee Fok!” before taking a photo of it and uploading it to Twitpic.

Comments on Mills’ blog are that of horror, sympathy (for both him and the snail), and a lack of surprise. Twitter user Shy_Mogwai seemed to think there might have been a mixup with the order:

The order was McEscargot, with garlic sauce, and a chicken burger on the side.

Meanwhile, in another part of town, in Long Street, someone making their opinion about McDonald’s known by making some minor alterations to a rather large advertising billboard. It’s succinct and does get the point across.

Have you had any interesting experiences at McDonald’s? Do let us know.

[via ChristopherM | Don’t Party]

Arty Awesomeness Video Clips

Real Fake!

Alex Roman is tricksy. The artist from Madrid, Spain created a superb 60-second TV commercial for Silestone, a brand of quart counter tops. Have a look at it below.

Did you notice anything different about it? Yes, the commercial is entirely computer-generated. For realsies! I’m just shocked at how real those CGI lemons look. I wonder how long it will be before real actors get digitized and I can watch a movie starring the actor of my choice? It couldn’t come soon enough, I’d rather watch Nathan Fillion in the upcoming Uncharted flick. Yes, I’m bitter about Marky Mark being chosen, bitter like a lemon.

[via Ufunk]

BONUS:: If you liked Alex’s work, check out his 12-minute CGI masterpiece, The Third & The Seventh.


Did you Mean Battlesheep?

Do you remember a funny old ad for Berlitz where a hapless German coast guard station received a mayday message from a sinking boat? If not, I sink you will like it – refresh your memory here. I was reminded of that when I saw a set of recent ads for Google.

I’m quite used to seeing Google’s online ads (unless you’re a happy subscriber to Adblock Plus) but not any ads for the company itself, much less in print. An agency in Istanbul Turkey created a set of mildy amusing print ads that play on Google’s “Did you mean” search feature.

The funniest of these ads features a shaggy sheep plodding through a warzone, with the tagline “Did you mean? battleship”. Maybe this is some sort of Turkish-only thing because when I searched for battlesheep Google didn’t bother to suggest an alternative spelling, instead it returned 90,000+ results. Clearly the Internet finds the idea of weaponizing sheep to be so very awesome.

Have a look at the sheep in question and two more of the Turkish print ads.

Entertainment Music

Do The Funky Boogie

Oh no. Being of simple mind when I get a song into my head, it does tend to roll around in there for quite some time. The song in question is by John Ozila who is getting all afro-disco in the house. Have a listen to Funky Boogie below.

Sing it with me: Ah ouh ouh ah ouh ouh aaaaaaaaah!

Funky Boogie was recently used in a Lipton Ice Tea commercial where the versatile actor Hugh Jackman danced up a storm in Tokyo Dance Hotel. It reminded me of Christopher Walken and that made me smile. Check it out after the jump.

Awesomeness TV Video Clips

Hey Guys, I Just Picked up a Delicious Beggar

Here’s a little South African flavour for our international readers who visit often but rarely leave any comments. It hurts us on our studio (if you missed that reference, see here – it’s at the 49-second mark).

In the past, South African fast food chain Chicken Licken ran a series of entertaining funk-themed TV ads for their brand of “soul food”. Our friends over at 10and5 spotted a new set of ads that take the brand in a hilarious new direction. Our favourite ad involves a play on one of South Africa’s major pastimes, mispronunciation. In it, an affable chap comes homes to his housemates after picking up a delicious “beggar”.

Check out a few more Chicken Licken ads after the jump.

Sports Video Clips

Bleed Your Colours

Dear readers, you may have noticed some Nike advertising on the blog in the past few days. If you’ve clicked on a few of those adverts then please accept our thanks for we shall be able to afford beer, breath mints, and dog food (we have two flying puppies).

In these ads, you’ll recognize pretty-boy footballer Cristiano Ronaldo who will soon be visiting our South African shores for the football extravaganza, the 2010 FIFA World Cup. You may have also noticed the popped collar of that ubiquitous polo shirt he’s wearing. It’s no ordinary polo, for it is the Nike Grand Slam Polo that is made from flat-knit fabric and features a subtle vented collar construction. I have no idea what that means, but it certainly does look cool, and sometimes that’s all you need in life.

To launch the Grand Slam Polo, Nike enlisted the services of British photographer Rankin and athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Joe Cole, and Patrice Evra. Have a look at the Bleed Your Colours ad below.

To see more top kit, have a look at Nike Sportswear on Facebook and on Twitter.

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