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We Review: Syndicate

When I first heard the Syndicate announcement I was filled with nostalgia harking back to the 90s. Those were the good old days of PC gaming. Before Windows became the centre of the universe, where running MS-DOS was the norm, and you needed to edit config.sys and autoexec.bat files just to make things work properly. When Peter Molyneux was still Bullfrog, before EA took over and he ran off to Microsoft. That being said, let’s find out what the new Syndicate game is all about.

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ROSA: A Beautiful Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Short

Created by Spanish comic book artist Jesús Orellana, ROSA is a beautifully animated sci-fi short film that is set against a post-apocalyptic backdrop. A female cyborg named Rosa has been awakened from statis and she starts exploring the bleak and empty world. She is not alone, however, as she is almost immediately set upon by a pair of assassins. Watch her fight for survival in ROSA below.

Wasn’t that amazing? It’s also extraordinary to note that Orellana taught himself how to use the required computers programs and made ROSA all by himself, with next to no budget. The whole process took a year to complete. It has been shown at various film festivals and there is talk that ROSA could be made into a live-action feature film. See more about the short film on its website.

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