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We Review: Day of the Tentacle HD Remaster

The 90s were an amazing time for video games, as is evidenced by the flood of remakes, remasters, and redos we’re currently getting. Adventure gaming was in its prime back then (although it’s recently seen a re-surge in popularity), and one of the major studios involved with making these amazing works of comedy was LucasArts, the video game arm of George Lucas’ company, LucasFilm. One of the most critically successful games from that era, Day of the Tentacle, now has an HD remaster, released by Double Fine productions. Come time travel with me as I review this game.

Game Reviews

We Review: Syndicate

When I first heard the Syndicate announcement I was filled with nostalgia harking back to the 90s. Those were the good old days of PC gaming. Before Windows became the centre of the universe, where running MS-DOS was the norm, and you needed to edit config.sys and autoexec.bat files just to make things work properly. When Peter Molyneux was still Bullfrog, before EA took over and he ran off to Microsoft. That being said, let’s find out what the new Syndicate game is all about.

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TMNT Stop Motion Intro is Totally Radical, Dudes!

Cowabunga dudes! Videographers Kyle Roberts and Nathan Poppe set about recreating the opening credits to the 1987 animated series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The duo opted for the stop-motion approach, with Poppe drawing the colourful backdrops and Roberts posing the TMNT action figures (and a very special action star in the role of Splinter). The Boom Bang provided a cover of the theme song. 4000 images later and their nostalgic tribute to the heroes in a half shell was complete. Check it out below.

[via Best Week Ever]

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This Cute Cartoon Medley Brings Back Fond Memories

Back in the day when life was much simpler, cartoons ruled my life. As much as I liked school, I longed for the time it would end each day so that I could rush home to catch the next episode of Voltron. And then there was Dangermouse, Inspector Gadget, Visionaries, Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers, Saber Rider, BraveStarr, She-Ra, Thundersub, …

Artists Jane Lui and Paul Dateh bring back waves of nostalgia in their collaboration, Cartoon Medley, where they play the theme songs from classic cartoons including Inspector Gadget, Duck Takes, and the Animaniacs.

[via Dooby Brain]

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Play This: Super Mario Bros. Crossover

When I was growing up all the cool kids had a Sega Mega Drive. I had a pithy Sega Master System. I never had a NES or an SNES and had to listen to my friends regaling their stories of derring-do in the Mushroom Kindgom. Bastards.

Super Mario Bros. is one of Nintendo’s most popular games seeing over 40 million copies sold since its release on the NES in 1985. That makes it the second-most best-selling video game in the world (Wii Sports hold top spot). It’s been re-released a number of times and spawned quite a few sequels. You can even play it from the comfort of your web browser, and this brings us to a Jay Pavlina’s tribute to the classic side-scroller.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover is a flash game that recreates the original 8-bit world of the Mushroom kingdom, but adds a whole new level of fun by letting you play as other Nintendo characters. Currently you can choose between Mario, Samus, Mega Man, Simon Belmont, Bill R., Link, and my favourite the bad-ass ninja Ryu Hayabusa. How awesome it that? But wait there’s more – each character plays as they would do in their own game, so Bill can shoot Goombas in the face and Ryu can climb walls and throw deadly shurikens.

Don’t delay, play Super Mario Bros. Crossover now!

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Going Retro-Futuristic with Jumpman

Jumpman is a nostaligc, lo-fi retro platformer featuring a layered level design and game mechanics with a twist. Creator Runhello has this to say:

The thought was to kind of take all the things that have become possible in games in the last 29 years– physics, 45 degree angles, a z axis– and bring the new technology into an early-80s-style platformer while at the same time changing the platformer’s basic nature as little as possible. The hope is to try to make you believe that every 2600-era platformer would have looked like this if only you’d pulled the camera back about 4 feet.

Jumpman is a free download for both Mac and Windows. Get it from – via Boing Boing.

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Neo Gramophone is Fancy, Needs No Records

The Neo Gramaphone is a 21st century remake of the classic phonograph. Created by Kinkyform, the multi-faceted Neo Gramaphone contains multiple speakers and a subwoofer, with the horn as the bass-reflex tube. The playback controls are on a surface and only avail themselves when the menu area is touched. It’ll stream your music from iTunes or by loading the tracks onto it via Bluetooth.

Kinkyform are looking for investors to take their angled gramophone to the manufacturing floor.

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