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Onelargeprawn Goes to rAge 2011

Good news, everyone! Most of you South African readers will probably be aware that rAge, the Southern African video game expo, is going to be happening this weekend. Happy for you, will be represented at rAge 2011. Well, not the Lord High Prawn himself, sadly for you fans of His Prawniness, but his loyal lackey. And we won’t have a stand, sadly (we’re simply not that big), but you will find me wandering around, taking notes, taking pictures, and taking an opportunity to meet any and all who are going to be at the Coca Cola Dome this Saturday. If you see someone on the show floor who looks a lot like this [ed: don’t you mean precisely like this?]:

then come say hi, introduce yourself, and we can chat about…well…pretty much anything. Also, if I happened to have upset you with one of my reviews, please don’t hit me. I’m sure we can come to some agreement. Feel free, also, to follow me on Twitter, because I’ll be tweeting from the event (not that every other blogger in ZA won’t be, but anyhow!)

Hope to see you there!