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We Review: Quarrel

Thanks to the ambiguous nature of the English language, a quarrel could be an angry dispute or a bolt fired out of a crossbow. It also happens to be the name of a rather interesting word-based strategy game that was initially released only for iOS devices in 2011. While there can be no Quarrel amongst Android and PlayStation 3 owners, (for they haven’t received the game on their platform) Scottish developers Denki sought fit to bring the fight to the Xbox Live Arcade.

Having played a variety of wordy games on Android—Wordsmith, Wordfeud, Word Search, Word2yourmother*—I eagerly jumped at the chance of playing Risk-meets-Scrabble in Quarrel. The war of words continues after the jump.

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My first dictionary: a contemporary lexicon

Ross Horsley, a cynic after my own dark heart has a blog called My First Dictionary which is presented just like those picture book dictionaries we used in primary school to learn vocabulary. This dictionary however probably isn’t a great one to start little Brad and Brittany on. It’s without a doubt very honest to the 21st century, and the contrast between the brightly coloured illustrations and the word definitions makes it even darker and more cynical. Some might find it disturbing, but in this “nanny-state” age of over censorship and escapist candy floss endings, I find it refreshing. Like a slice of bitter lemon after a fatty pork chop.



Found at the ever brilliant Neatorama.