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Secret Mortal Kombat Fatalities Are Disturbing

The month of April sees the release of the ninth installment of the popular series, Mortal Kombat. While fans look forward to inflicting all manner of brutal harm upon their enemies using their favourite MK characters, Machinima has uncovered footage of some fighters who auditioned for roles in the game but didn’t quite make the cut.

From a cannibalistic Pac-Man to a road-raging Toad, Machinima’s Mortal Kombat Secret Character Tryouts shows the fatalities of these retro, 8-bit characters. Check it out below.

[via Kotaku]

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Mortal Kombat: After the Fatality

Scorpion is due for a fight today and has invited his family to watch the event. The spectre is facing Sub-Zero and the duel doesn’t go in his favour. His family is stunned, more so when Sub-Zero decides to be a really bad winner.

[via The High Definite]

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Mortal Kombat Paperalities!

We’ve seen some great things done in papercraft and Eric Power’s latest effort is killer stuff. The animator is a keen fan of fighting games and considers Mortal Kombat to be the epitome of the genre. The fatalities introduced in the game were bloody, and gratuitous, and sent chills down our spines, especially when fighting against Sub-Zero.

Power pays homage to Mortal Kombat by lovingly recreating some of the finishing moves using paper. Have a look at his stop-motion paperalities below.

See more of Power’s work at ericpowerup.

[via Lazygamer]

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Mortal Kombat: Rebirth?

If you remember my previous posts here, you would know that I love the beat-em up games of my childhood. And if you were too, you probably could not wait for the eventual crossover to the big screen.

Mortal Kombat was the only one I feel, that crossed over and was relatively faithful to the characters. Yes it was a bit campy and Goro looked awful, but it made me shout “MORTAL KOMBAT!!!” when I left the theatre and tried to dance to the rocking theme track. Then they made that awful sequel and it all went pear-shaped.

A reboot or proper sequel has always been on the cards and has been stuck in developmental hell for some time. And recently test footage of a “reboot” has cropped up on Youtube. It looks like they have taken a completely different approach and its definitely not a sequel, a re-imagining if you will. I don’t know if I like that but, its definitely going in the R-rated direction that it always needed it to be. 

Watch it and let us know what you think.

Here are some facts on the clip:

  • The short was directed by Kevin Tancharoen, who did the remake of Fame last year. Judging from this short, Kevin is the perfect director for this movie.
  • Jacks is played by Michael Jai White. Michael played Spawn and was in Undisputed II. Michael makes a great Jacks (Jax).
  • Sonya Blade is played by Jeri Ryan, who played Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager.
  • Baraka was played by the very talented Lateef Crowder, who plays the Brazilian fighter in Undisputed III.
  • Scorpion is played by Ian Anthony Dale. Ian plays Kazuya in the upcoming big screen version of Tekken.
  • Johnny Cage was played by up and coming martial arts sensation Matt Mullins.
  • Still working on who played Reptile. Will update when I find out.
  • The fight choreography was done by Larnell Stovall. Larnell did the fight choreography for Undisputed III and is one of the best fight choreographers in the business. You want to see the fights you deserve? Then you fans should DEMAND he be the guy in one charge for this reboot. Click HERE to read the exclusive interview I did with Larnell.
  • I know who might be playing Sub-Zero, but don’t want to mention it in case it screws something up. He’d be perfect for the part.

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