Superheroes in Top Hats

Nothing says “Like a sir” more than a monocle and a top hat. Artist Lora Zombie shows this in her “Mr.” set of watercolour prints where a number of superheroes exude wealth and class by donning the corrective lens and formal headgear.

Have a look at Zombie’s Super Sirs after the jump.

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Movember Madness: Grow a ‘Tache, Donate to CANSA, Win Big!

Male prostate cancer is topic that may be dear to a man’s heart, well it’s more lower down, according to our in-house veterinarian.

Gavin over at LazyGamer is running a drive to raise money for charity and spread the awareness of prostate cancer and male depression. It’s a worthwhile cause on its own, but to sweeten the pot, they have two Rockstar Games hampers up for grabs – one will be given away to a randomly selected donator, the other will go to the individual who grows the gnarliest, most man-tastic moustache in the month on November Movember.

To find out how you can donate to this good cause and take part in Movember Madness, please head to LazyGamer.

Top Tip: If you’re stuck for ‘tache grooming ideas, have a look at a clip from the World Moustache Championships 2009 and read up on moustache styles.


The Fingerstache

The act of drawing (or tattooing if you’re feeling frivolous) a “cartoon-ish” moustache on the inside of your index finger and then holding the finger to your upper lip.

Let us know if you’ve made a fingerstache and we’ll put it up here.

More at a site dedicated to fingerstachers everywhere.