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Secret Lives of Superheroes

Given that saving the world is pretty high up on their agenda, it’s no surprise that superheroes don’t sweat the small stuff. However, in his latest series of pop art style illustrations, French graphic designer Grégoire Guillemin takes a look at some of the mundane things that superheroes aren’t likely to be shown doing: scratching their bums, taking a dump, stuffing their Wonderbras, that kind of thing.

Have a look at Guillemin’ Secret Hero Life after the jump. Beware though, some secrets may be a tad scandalous.

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Montygog’s Art-O-Rama

36-year-old cartoonist/illustrator Dave Perillo draws inspiration from the retro stylings from the 50s and 60s. From cartoons and comics to TV and film, Perillo’s pop art character designs are drawn with simple lines and flat colours. He goes under the name of Montygog on DeviantART, have a look at some of his work after the jump.

Arty Risqué

Pin-ups by Mel Ramos

Mel Ramos is an American Pop Artist who produced art that celebrated aspects of popular culture as represented in mass media. And by art I mean nude pin-ups posing next to large, out-of place, and somewhat phallic objects like cigars and coke bottles.

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