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Star Wars Meets Silent Film

If the 1950s pre-make of Star Wars Episode V contained too much talking for your liking, then you may appreciate this re-edited gem from the good people at “Anachronisme”. They have given Star Wars the silent treatment.

[via Alyssa Milano on Google+]

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The Matrix as a Silent Movie

Russian comedy troupe “Bolshaya Raznitsa” (translation: Big Difference) wonders what the The Matrix would be like if it was produced in the silent film era. In this pre-make, Charlie Chaplin is The One. It’s weirdly hilarious. Check it out.

[via Misscellania]

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Raiders of the Lost Ark Circa 1951

YouTube user whosieyevan wondered what Steven Spielberg’s rollicking adventure flick, Raiders of the Lost Ark, would look like if it were made in the 1950s.

He did a little more than just ponder about it – mashing together footage from a variety of films, he created this most awesome “pre-make” that stars Charlton Heston as everyone’s favourite archaeologist. Take a look at the 1951 version of Raiders of the Lost Ark below.

See two more of whosieyevan’s pre-makes after the jump.