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Black Sheep: The Tale of Wind-up Jim

Black Sheep is a locally produced short film directed by Miklas Manneke. The style of the film is reminiscent of Pushing Daisies, and tells the story of Jim, who is born with a wind up key on his back. The key controls his life, and if it were to stop turning, Jim would cease to be living.

Jim is a pariah and is picked on at school for being different, and on a few occasions, he tries to get rid of the very thing that makes him so special. After the unfortunate death of his bubblegum obsessed mother (played by Karin van der Laag of Isidingo fame), Jim decides to leave home and explore the world. Find out what happens in this endearing, albeit slow-going, short film.

It’s wonderful to see South African films getting recognition and Miklas posted on this Twitter page that his short has been selected to take part in RADAR HAMBURG, an international festival for small and independent filmmakers. Congratulations Miklas, and good luck!

[via +Pieterjan Grobler]