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We Review: Beyond: Two Souls

I wonder if David Cage revels in being different? His studio Quantic Dream makes games different (and differently) from their peers. With the 2010 psychological thriller Heavy Rain, the studio orchestrated a coming-together of video games and film noir. In 2012, Kara the short film showed off their advanced graphics and motion capturing technology. And in 2013, Beyond: Two Souls they create their own concept of a modern adventure game that not only places emphasis on the themes of love, loss, and consequence but gets an injection of super-natural action, a top-notch Hollywood cast, and a story that spans 15 years. Seems like a great setup then, but is this form of interactive movie worth your time and money?

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Black Sheep: The Tale of Wind-up Jim

Black Sheep is a locally produced short film directed by Miklas Manneke. The style of the film is reminiscent of Pushing Daisies, and tells the story of Jim, who is born with a wind up key on his back. The key controls his life, and if it were to stop turning, Jim would cease to be living.

Jim is a pariah and is picked on at school for being different, and on a few occasions, he tries to get rid of the very thing that makes him so special. After the unfortunate death of his bubblegum obsessed mother (played by Karin van der Laag of Isidingo fame), Jim decides to leave home and explore the world. Find out what happens in this endearing, albeit slow-going, short film.

It’s wonderful to see South African films getting recognition and Miklas posted on this Twitter page that his short has been selected to take part in RADAR HAMBURG, an international festival for small and independent filmmakers. Congratulations Miklas, and good luck!

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Epic Orchestral Melodies By “Two Steps From Hell”

There’s a great little thread going on over at the PS3ZA forums where the original poster wonders what the theme tune to life would it be. The replies have included a rather comical Benny Hill tribute, the smell of Napalm in the morning, and even the desire for surprise buttseks. It’s clearly a diverse crowd.

Another member posted a song by Two Steps from Hell, an outfit that creates music for the trailers to movies and video games like The Dark Knight, Star Trek, Inception, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, and Mass Effect 2. It’s all very epic, beautiful, and optimistic. If this kind of music dictated what I did in life, I wouldn’t be stuck in the cubicle that time forgot. No, I’d be flying with dragons. Have a listen to some of the beautiful pieces created by Two Steps from Hell. They’re all from the Invincible studio album with the exception of Love & Loss.

Velocitron (used in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood)

Freedom Fighters (used in Star Trek)

Heart of Courage

Love & Loss

Stirring, no? If you had to choose a theme tune to life, what would it be?

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The Story of Life, Told With Fingers

In this rather interesting short film, freelance animator Cyriak (real name) takes us through the evolution of life here on Earth using the medium of walking fingers. Yes, you read right. Now watch in amazement below.

No fingering jokes, please.

[via Buzzfeed]

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Le Grand Content: Life, Explained in Charts & Diagrams

Created by Austrian animator and motion graphic designer, Clemens Kogler, Le Grand Content tries to make sense of our lives and its pitfalls through the use of Venn diagrams, pie charts, and graphs.

My favourite section is the graphical representation of one’s intended career path versus one’s actual career path. The difference between the two is the reason why we drink. In that case, I should be a raging alcoholic ;-)

See the video below.

The diagrams used were inspired by Jessica Hagy’s site, Indexed.

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