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A Song of Ice and Fire and LEGO

George R. R. Martin has certainly made an impression on people. Book sales are up and the first in the series of epic fantasy novels, Game of Thrones, will see a comic book adaptation in September. The highly successful TV show concluded its first season and viewers can expect to return to the seven kingdoms in April 2012. The Internet has been busy churning out remixes of the Game of Thrones opening theme and I wouldn’t be surprised if LEGO don’t take advantage of critical success of Game of Thrones by creating a set of commemorative characters. The haven’t done it as yet but Sam Beattie has taken a stab at it.

The game designer from Boston, USA, has cannibalised bits and bobs from existing sets to create LEGO versions of the characters. From House Stark to the scheming High Council to the murderous Clegane Brothers, the likenesses are surprisingly good. See his Game of Thrones LEGO minifigs after the jump.