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MasterChef Synesthesia

Well this is a master class. Youtube user swedemason has taken a selection of soundbites from the cooking game show, MasterChef and created a wonderfully catchy techno tune.

The song, entitled MasterChef Synesthesia, features ingredients pudding expert Gregg Wallace expounding on his preferences for buttery biscuit bases and fellow host John Torode asking for a good dollop of “oomph”.

If you liked that, you may enjoy swedemason’s Jezza Rap.

[via Hecklerspray]

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Jeremy Clarkson Beatbox

He may be tall, crass, and opioninated but Jeremy Clarkson keeps Top Gear as entertaining as ever.

YouTube user Swede Mason has sampled some of the odd sounds that Clarkson has made over the years and mashed them together to make a cool beatbox style track. Check out the Jezza rap!

You can find a link to the MP3 file in the forums.

[via Jalopnik]