Lovely Little Lies

We tell little lies all the time. Just one more level and I’ll come to bed. I wouldn’t eat KFC without you. I did not move your cheese.

In Daily Dishonesty, graphic designer Lauren Hom shows her love for typography by drawing out the lies that she tells herself on a regular basis. Have a looks at some of them after the jump.

Arty Cautionary Tales Featured

Truth and Lies

If you were having a chat online with someone and the conversation turned boring, would you say “BRB” and then never come back? What if you’re replying to a friend’s e-mail and run out of things to write about, would you say that you’ve got a meeting in five minutes and really must go?

In his latest series of minimalist posters, graphic designer Justin Barber takes a humourous look at the little lies that we tell people to hide what we really mean. Have a look at some of Barber’s Truth and Lies posters after the jump.