Arty Weirdness

Quirky Anatomical Posters

In the same vein of cuteness as I Heart Guts, designer Rachel Ignotofsky illustrates the different biological systems that work together to keep the human organism alive.

Have a look at the charming and colourful anthropomorphic organs in Ignotofsky’s Body Systems after the jump.

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Cute! The A to Z of Pop Culture Robots

In Alphabot, designer Tony Bui creates a cute A to Z of his favourite robots from various TV shows, games, and movies over the past 30 odd years.

There are nods to Star Wars, Transformers, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and RoboCop to mention a few. Have a look at Bui’s 26 mechanical marvels after the jump.

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Cute “Game of Thrones” Sigils

Unlike Tom Gateley’s serious set of minimalist posters, French designer Renaud ForestiĆ© takes a decidedly different look at the banners of the different houses in Game of Thrones.

See the adorably cute animals that make up ForestiĆ© “Game of Thrones” sigils, after the jump.

Arty Cautionary Tales Featured

Truth and Lies

If you were having a chat online with someone and the conversation turned boring, would you say “BRB” and then never come back? What if you’re replying to a friend’s e-mail and run out of things to write about, would you say that you’ve got a meeting in five minutes and really must go?

In his latest series of minimalist posters, graphic designer Justin Barber takes a humourous look at the little lies that we tell people to hide what we really mean. Have a look at some of Barber’s Truth and Lies posters after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Featured Gaming News

The Koopa Call to Arms

King Koopa is at his wit’s end. Despite having an almost unlimited supply of Goombas, tanks, naval vessels, and an air force, it seems that ridding the Mushroom Kingdom of a pudgy plumber has proved more difficult than planned. The great Koopa has now turned to the power of advertising to gain more support for his cause.

In a set of emotionally-charged propaganda posters, Bowser asks the question, “The Koopa are fighting. Why aren’t you?” and calls for residents of Mushroom Kingdom to join the great Koopa cause. See the set of posters after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Cautionary Tales Featured

Loose Tweets Sink Fleets: Brian Moore’s WWIII Propaganda Posters

If you enjoyed Cliff Chiang’s set of WWII propaganda posters for the Star Wars universe, you make like designer Brian Moore’s latest project. Moore takes propaganda posters created during World War II and modifies them to be more relevant to this day and age.

The old “Loose lips sink ships” poster created by the War Advertising Council warned of “unguarded talk” and Moore’s updated one similarly tells us that a careless tweet can indeed sink a fleet. Moore also warns of the dangers of blogging, and the roles of Reddit and Wikipedia in the war effort. Have a look at his fantastic WWIII propaganda posters after the jump.


Vintage Star Wars Travel Posters

If you liked Cliff Chiang’s fantastic Star Wars propaganda posters you may love this series of travel-themed posters by graphic designer Steve Thomas.

Inspired by vintage travel posters from the early 20th century his works make a holiday to a galaxy far, far away look so very enticing.

There are eight travel posters in Thomas’ set. Have a look at them after the jump.

Arty Awesomeness Featured Movies

Star Wars Propaganda Posters

If you liked Silof’s World War II Star Wars action figures (see here), chances are you might just enjoy Cliff Chiang’s latest artwork. The comic book artist also considered Star Wars as if took place in the 1940s and created a set of propaganda posters for the warring sides.

Chiang’s posters were based on the propaganda used at the time including an old war bonds poster, a warning to watching your mouth in front of strangers, and even a rendition of Rosie the Riveter who represented the efforts of women in factories during World War II. Have a look at Chiang’s illustrations after the jump.

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Music, Philosophy, Typography

Music, philosophy, and typography are three of the things London-based graphic designer Mico Toledo loves. And in his weekly project, Music Philosophy, he combines those three elements to create posters of memorable and often profound song lyrics from the likes of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and even Jay Z. Toledo uses minimal colours and bold typography to great effect.

We totally love his project, have a look at some of his designs after the jump.

Arty Sports

Smashing Soccer World Cup Murals

Pssst. Here’s how not to win at quiz night – have me in your team AND let me answer all the sports questions. For example, if you were to ask me in what year did Paraguay win the soccer world cup, I wouldn’t know that was a trick question. Given that the world cup is a little more than a week away, I had best brush up on my soccer trivia.

For the first time in its history, the FIFA World Cup will be played on African soil, and to celebrate this spectacle, ESPN has teamed up with American ad agency Wieden+Kennedy and local illustrators at Am I Collective to create a set of colourful murals for each of the 32 teams that will be participating. The artwork is done in a style similar to the art found on our streets and hand-painted movie posters one sees around West Africa. Each mural tells of the culture and soccer history the nation and is quite well done, although I wonder how the Australians will take to their team being represented by a manimal who looks dead keen to box the corner flag. In any case, have a look at these murals after the jump.