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Cyporn by Pierrick Thebault

Pssst. Have you come home from a tiring day at the office? Do you want to relax, have a cup of soothing Chamomile tea, and enjoy some pixel porn? Well then I have just the thing for you.

Cyporn is an art installation by Pierrick Thébault, and interface designer and journalist for Amusement Magazine. Inspired by the avatars of Cyworld, which is apparently the number one social networking website in South Korea, Thébault created a set of 5 pixel porn scenes of characters who left their saccharine-sweet home of Cyworld and to seek a more hedonistic lifestyle in the Game Boy.

Find the pixel porn scenes after the jump.

Is it just me, or does the dude on the shag carpet have the most maniacal grin?

See bigger images of the Cyporn set at llllllllllllllll (L16) Collective’s Flickr page, and read an interview with Thébault at BISD News.

[via Looks Like Good Design]

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