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Play “Toss the Turtle” and Win Darksiders!

Note: This competition has ended.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing Darksiders (read our review here) and in our first competition in 2010, we want you to experience that feeling too. Thanks to our sponsors, SterKinekor, we’re giving away a copy of Darksiders for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, and a Darksiders-branded t-shirt to go with each copy.

Instead of the usual lucky draw type of competition, we’re trying to keep things a little different here at Onelargeprawn. Based on the popularity of our play-a-game-to-win-a-game idea last year with our Boxhead competition, we’re going to ask you to do something heinous…to a turtle. You might go to hell for it, but I’d like to think the end justifies the means. ;-)

So what do you have to do? Find out after the jump.

To stand a chance of winning the prize, all you need to do is play Toss the Turtle and send us your high score. We’ll have two separate high scores tables (one for PS3, one for Xbox 360) and the two people at the top of the tables at the end of the competition will win. Here are the steps you need to follow.

1. Head to our Toss the Turtle page and play the game.
2. When you’re happy with the distance you’ve tossed the poor turtle, take a screenshot (howto) of the game, ensuring your distance is clearly visible.
3. Attach your screenshot (preferably in JPG format) to an email message and send it to with these other details:

a. Name
b. Address
c. Console of choice (PS3 or Xbox 360)
d. T-shirt size (S / M / L / XL)

This competition runs from Monday, February 15th to midnight on Sunday, February 28th and is only open to South African residents. Terms and conditions apply.

During the competition period, you can submit as many scores as you want under the same name, but pay attention to our high scores page as we’ll be regularly updating it. At the end of our competition, if your name tops the high scores list for the platform you chose, you’ll will have won. In the event that there is a tie in the highest scores, the winner will be the person who submitted that high score first. Got it? Cool, now toss that turtle!

!Achtung – IMPORTANT! There has been an update to the competition. Please ensure you read this post.

24 replies on “Play “Toss the Turtle” and Win Darksiders!”

it should not make all that much difference resetting, it doesn’t take that long to get all the bits ‘n bobs. plus seeing as the comp runs for a while, it gives those who haven’t played it plenty of time to waste time at work ;)

not that it matters, ’cause we all know squirrely will win… sigh

lol. keep at it… i manage to better my score every couple goes.
i haven’t been caught by the ufo yet, but those damned spikes on balloons nail me constantly.

Lol, a few people haven’t been productive today :yes:

@ easy: I think Squirrely’s going to have a tough time in the 360 section. You’re not doing too badly I must say.

@Azraelz: Stick with it, you’ve got almost two weeks to topple the score.

Damn………I’ve tossed enough now. I got so behind on work yesterday, I now have a shiate load of work to do today. Damn you Prawn Damn You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (just kidding)

I didn’t expect such high scores in the first day. You peeps are all crazy, in a good way. :silly:

I’ve gone through the entries and have updated the high scores tables. See here.

Tips: Try to get huge ammounts of money first. Then purchase the cannons untill you get the Tank. Purchase guns untill you get the Golden gun. Always use a chestbomb and the missile. Also purchase MASSIVE ammounts of nukes to keep you going forever.

I can’t seem to better my highest score (around 9 Mil) anymore : (. I used all my money on nukes so now I have no means of ongoing prepulsion in the form of a massive warhead since I used them all aswell. Time to whore money again.

Almost there Patriot, keep it up.

We have received a score over over 10 million for the 360 section so that table now turns into a Sudden Death list – see here. No need to stress, you still have time to send us your 10 million+ screenshot and make it into the next round.

This competition has ended for those who have not made it into the Sudden Death round. Thank you very much for your efforts though.

Patriot & Azraelz: Please check your mail for details of the next round.