Note: This competition has ended.

Gamers, sometimes they are like bulls in a china shop. Two days into our Darksiders competition, and two very persistent (read: crazy) people have surpassed the theoretical maximum high score for the flash game we selected for the competition. That completely blindsided us ad we hadn’t expected such dedication so early in the proceedings. Needless to say, there is only one PS3 copy of Darksiders up for grabs, so we have had to make an adjustment to the competition. If you have entered, please take a look at the update after the jump.

The competition will still run its normal course until midnight February 28th, with a notable change in the high scores tables. Each table is now changing into a Sudden Death list – the persons on that list are the ones who have scored over 10 million, and will progress into a sudden death round on March 1st. These entrants will play a different flash game for one day only, and at the end of it, the highest scorer will be declared the winner. So, for those PS3 entrants who have not scored over 10 million, you have a little short of 12 days to accomplish this, and send in your screenshots to the usual e-mail address – see the competition post for those details.

For each list, if we were to receive only one 10 million+ score by the end of the competition, that person will win the copy of Darksiders, however, if we receive multiple 10 million+ scores, then those entrants will go into the sudden death round where the highest scorer will be declared the winner.

My apologies if this has irked you, but given the circumstances, I think it’s the best way forward.