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Spectacular Organic Origami

Goran Konjevod is a professor of mathematics and theoretical computer science. It’s a good thing that he also loves origami otherwise we’d have a tough time convincing you how awesome computer science is.

Channeling his keen mathemagical energy, Mr. Konjevod has made some fantastic 3D paper (and copper) sculptures. He says this about his creations:

Most of my pieces so far are abstract shapes naturally formed by the tension of the paper when multiple layers of paper are arranged according to regular or irregular patterns. In that sense, they could almost be said to be discovered, rather than invented or designed…

…I try to restrict myself to working with single uncut sheets of paper or other foldable material (such as copper), and for the most part use very simple “pureland” folds. Normally, this last restriction would imply that the resulting forms are flat. However, a real sheet of paper is always three-dimensional—even when unfolded—and its thickness brings about a much more obvious three-dimensionality when multiple layers are present.

We think his abstract origami should do all the talking. See a few of them after the jump.

See more of Mr. Konjevod’s artwork at his Organic Origami gallery.

[via Dude Craft]