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Awesome Concertina Paper Structures

We really like the organic origami from maths professor Goran Konjevod. We’re also drawn to obscure names, and that brought our attention to the art of Elod Beregszasz or elodole as he is known on Flickr.

Elod is quite simply in love with paper. He loves to cut it / fold it / tear it / emboss it / sculpt it. He’s also single. After the jump we take an in-depth look at his cut and fold concertina paper sculptures, and by in-depth we mean nothing but photos. ;-)

See much more of Elod’s fantastic concertina paper sculptures on Flickr.

[via Flickr Search]

2 replies on “Awesome Concertina Paper Structures”

very architectural… but still organic in a way. pleasing on the eye

just amazes me the amount of spare time some people have. i haven’t cleaned my desk in 3 months let alone have time to do something creatively constructive… unless finishing off a bottle red wine counts.

The sculptures are great. Quite a few gems that came up on the Flickr search actually.

Rest assured, if I tried to cut and fold paper this way, the only result would be missing fingers.