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Hilarious Newspaper Headlines

I’ve heard that proof-reading is a thankless job. I’m sure that proof-readers and subs on newspapers sometimes just can’t resist slipping a sly and amusing mistake into copy.  Other times of course these “slip-ups” are the result of a lazy incompetent twit. Well, intentional or not, these typos are funny nonetheless.

The Great Arsehole Debate

Truck Leaves Rubber On The Road

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Not Quite A Golden Handshake

A Revealing Bust

‘Merican English

Midget Makes Big Noise

More Than Just A Pretty Face

Introducing The “See You Next Tuesday” Muppet

There’s Bad Sex and Then There’s…

Occupational Hazard

[via The Huffington Post | Oddee]

3 replies on “Hilarious Newspaper Headlines”

Oh gosh that gave me a good laugh… Roflz xD People are going to think I’m psycho the way I’m laughing at this monitor.