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Five Fantastic Time-Lapse Videos

We like time-lapse videos here at Onelargeprawn. It’s been an age since we did a compilation of any sort andtToday seems like a good time as any and we’ve hunted the world wide webs to bring you not one, not two, but five time-lapse videos. Honestly, we love you that much.

Our first video comes from Vimeo user François Vautier who had a clear case of ants in his pants scanner. He scanned the nest once a week for five years.

Hit the jump for the remainder of the videos.

Guy Walks Across America

Our second video is a bit of viral marketing from Levi’s Jeans. It uses 2770 photos to create a stop-motion, time-lapse journey of a guy as he sets off from the Brooklyn Bridge in New York and walks the breadth of America to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Floating Point

It wouldn’t be a time-lapse compilation without views of Japan. Our third video is courtesy of Samuel Cockedey, a French photographer who lives and works in Tokyo.

Bathtub IV

In our fourth video, conveniently entitled Bathtub IV, Australian photographer Keith Loutit combines the art of tilt-shift and time-lapse to show the sights of Sydney in miniature.

Red Dead Redemption: World in Motion

Our last time-lapse video comes from the world of gaming and more specifically from the universally acclaimed Western epic, Red Dead Redemption. This four-minute piece shows the beautiful vistas of the immersive world created by Rockstar San Diego and is accompanied by the haunting score from the game.

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