Veteran Onelargeprawn readers may recall the last time I used “Bam! Kapow!” in a post. It had to with exposed boobies and being fired from work for exposing them. Refresh your memory here, it’s NSFW obviously. This time the phrase may elicit the same kind of reactions albeit from the geekier part of society.

Back in June, I showed you Israeli designer Gidi Vigo as he gave superhero movies the minimalist treatment. It’s a pity that he only made a few posters and given the vast number of superheroes that you and I idolized as children, I expected someone (anyone) to create some more. It turns out Screen Rant decided to save the day with a selection of not one but 30 minimalist posters! See a couple of my favourites after the jump.

See the full list of 30 minimalist superhero posters at Screen Rant.

[via Flyer Design Goodness]