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A Handy Guide to Rock-Paper-Scissors

I’m pretty terrible at rock-paper-scissors. People say I’m easier to read than a children’s colouring book. Those people are assholes.

Quite frankly I’ve always thought rock-paper-scissors was a game of blind luck but according to a handy infographic from the World RPS Society, it’s a more complex combination of strategy, skill, and observation. If you’re having trouble getting to grips with RPS, then educate yourself after the jump.

Click the image to see it bigger and press the grey “Expand this image” button.

[via Waylou | RPS comic by APOKALIPS]

6 replies on “A Handy Guide to Rock-Paper-Scissors”

Cought a glimps of this last month sometime, it is really interesting how people put down theories about RPS. i just don’t understand what they are getting at anyways. so i will just randomly guess…

ya i mate of mine tried to explain the laws of probability and the supposed inherent contradictions therein… or rather the paradoxical nature of the theory.
anyway, i was under a heavy cloud of brain fade at the time and wasn’t entirely sure wtf he talking about, but you can mathematically deduce the winning ‘hand’ of rps every time if you have an understanding of probabilities involved. it’s something gamblers have been using for many years apparently.

i still think you have a 33% chance of getting it right and 66% chance of getting it wrong.

I understood about 11% of what you just said. :eek:

Lucy Furr beats me every time. I’m going to read up and then challenge her. Winner gets to do poo duty for a week. I’ll probably lose but I don’t mind. I’ve got a nose for sniffing out shit.

i would never leave poo duty to chance. my tactic is to dry retch till the other person either gets annoyed or becomes sympathetic. and in worse case scenarios, shedding a tear or two will seal the deal.

:poop: :sick: :cry:

@Macross: Lol, how is your sex life is relevant to this discussion? I suppose we all should be glad you didn’t choose the shocker ;-)

@easy: You’ve met Lucy Furr. She is impervious to retching tactics.