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Top 10 Best Jumps Ever!

Humankind is capable of amazing feats in realms of science, medicine, engineering, technology, and a whole lot of other -logies. This extends to the world of sport which has its fair share of loonies out to perform the biggest, baddest, most extreme stunts. From BASE jumping into the Cave of Swallows to high flying squirrels to Travis Pastrana to an airforce officer who is crazier than boatload of epileptics, this compilation of awesome jumps is a homage to extreme sports.

Hit the jump to see more footage from the #1 best jump and another one that I think should have been included in the list.

This clip from Discovery Science contains more footage from Joseph Kittinger’s historic jump in 1960. He holds the records for having the highest, fastest, and longest skydive when he jumped from 31,300 m, fell for four minutes and 36 seconds, and reached a maximum speed of 988 kilometres per hour!

While this can’t match Kittinger’s effort, free-diver Guillaume Néry’s underwater base jump at Dean’s Blue Hole is an amazing journey nonetheless.

BONUS: Things get real extreme in church. Drum n’ bass is to blame.

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